Social Media Strategy & Management

Social Media has become the biggest craze the Internet has ever seen! From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest to Twitter the list is endless. Many brands and individuals believe that social media is just for the “young ones” but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is fact that people across every age and demographic are using social media in some form. So for those that struggle to understand the social realm or simply don’t have the time to create engaging content and post it we are here to help.

WIH HQ are currently managing the social media for a number of brands including Eyebrow Couture and Tesoro Jewellery. For more information on how we can help with your social strategy please get in touch!

Tesoro Jewellery Branding & Marketing 

Tesoro Jewellery has been around for many years producing the most exquisite and unique earrings, pendants and bracelets. And whilst they were doing very well selling their products into jewellery stores across Australia & New Zealand, they just didn’t have the time to create the brand experience that consumers crave. That’s where we stepped in!

Working with the Tesoro team we went back to the brands roots to capture who they were targeting and why. What was Tesoro all about and what story could we build that would connect to their customers?

This is an ongoing project for WIH as we work on the brands 12 month campaign calendar, marketing strategy and rolling out a complete retail pack to help the stockists sell the brand story in the best way possible.

mishfit Website Project

Mish came to us with a clear vision on what she wanted from the new mishfit website. It needed to be clean, visually appealing, easy to navigate and most importantly contain all of the important information she needed to portray to her audience without having them bombarded.

By using an elegant and simple colour scheme derived from the mishfit logo we were able to incapsulate everything Mish wanted to achieve. A continuous scrolling homepage offers a breadth of information without being confusing and links navigating back to important pages such as “Find your trainer” were used throughout the site to encourage visitors to navigate there.

With a customised back end created using the WordPress platform Mish and her team can now easily make content changes as needed without the expense of having someone do this for them.

Duffy Hairdressing Website Project 

A sleek, sexy and user friendly website was the brief from Bo and Tony at Duffy Hairdressing. With two salons the Duffy team wanted the initial homepage to encompass what the brand stands for before leading users to each salon site.

Whilst the salon websites needed to look cohesive and consistent across the board there was a need to manage the content and back end separately. In this case three wordpress backends were created in order to individually manage the necessary homepage and salon sites. This makes it incredibly easy for each salon owner to make changes to their own content as required.

Both Bo and Tony were incredibly pleased with the final result.

nu-Style Home Improvements TVC / Print Campaign 

nu-Style required a campaign to cut through what had become a very cluttered market in the blinds and shutters industry. With regular TV and print campaigns nu-Style wanted to build on what they had already established as a trusted brand in the industry.

After understanding the clients objectives and targets we revised the flyers to communicate their promotional messages more effectively and also implemented a strategic mail distribution campaign to target their specific audience within Metro Melbourne. This was achieved by using advanced analytical data around demographics, household income and more.

In addition to the print campaign we further developed the existing TVC’s by creating a clearer message. To increase nu-Style’s brand awareness and ensure brand recognition we implemented a jingle. Used throughout many retail campaigns a jingle is an effective tool in developing brand awareness and recall, and once it gets stuck in your head just try getting it out!

To date the campaign has been a great success. The client asked that we dial back the flyer distribution as they were just too busy! A great problem to have in any business, don’t you think?

Women’s Health & Fitness Summit  

WHFS is an annual gathering for all those interested in women’s health, fitness, and nutrition, in whatever capacity. A space to connect, share knowledge and engage with the sector, as part of an international, supportive community. Bringing together world-renowned speakers and presenters from all areas of these industries, to inform and inspire (rather than lecture).

Who Invited Her has been given the absolute pleasure of event directing this fantastic summit. Our first event took place in 2015, we had a record attendance at our 2016 event and the planning has begun for a bigger and better event in 2017!

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities (monetary & product donations) or volunteering at the next WHFS then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

For more information visit the official WHFS website at

Past events by Who Invited Her 

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