Marketing can often be confusing, convoluted and misinterpreted. We make it simple, easy and fun (well we think so!).

Often small business owners overlook the importance of marketing to their target audience however it’s more than just getting people to your door. Creating a brand (a personality for your business) is so important as this what people engage with and remember. This is why Coke and Apple are so well known and successful! if you think about it they have personalities much like us with certain characteristics and traits that everyday people connect with. Branding is more important now than ever with the domination of social media. People don’t want to hear about what your selling, they want to hear about what you stand for.

So when you’re thinking about marketing think about this:

  • What is our USP? (Unique selling proposition) What makes us different to our competitors?
  • What do we stand for? What do we want to be known for?
  • Who is our target market (who are we selling our products/services to?) And where do they hang out?

And if you need help answering these questions and creating your unique brand, give us a call!

  • Branding – From creating your brand identity to rolling out the look and feel across all of your marketing materials
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing – you need to be where your customers are, and they are on Facebook!
  • SEM/SEO (these can be very confusing but to put it simply this is how we get you found on Google and other search engines)
  • Web Design
  • Advertising – TV Commercials, jingles and more